In light of the coronavirus pandemic, France Galop have decided to suspend all horse racing meetings until April 15, 2020, unfortunately this means the third leg of the Crystal Cup series in Fontainebleau on April 1st 2020 will not take place as racing has been suspended.

The Crystal Cup European Cross Country Challenge brings together the finest international horses and riders to reward the most successful stable in cross country steeple chasing.

The 11 race series, with over 800,000 Euros in prize money, will be hosted by many of Europe’s premier racecourses, over unique combinations of hedges, banks, ditches and timber. The Challenge begins in Pau in South West France in February. The final race is at Cheltenham in December following four further races in France and visits to Poland, Belgium, Italy and to the Czech Republic for the Velka Pardubika.

“France is proud to be involved in this exciting, six-nation initiative, that brings together Europe’s leading Cross Country racecourses to celebrate the most successful stable in the 11 chosen races”

Jean d’Indy, Vice Chairman of France Galop.

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21st May 2020

Crystal Cup Cross Country Races 2020

Date Location Country Prize
2nd February Pau France €70,000
11th March Cheltenham England €74,000
1st April Fontainebleau France €40,000
21st May Lion-d'Angers France €112,000
28th June Wroclaw Poland €40,000
1st September Waregem Belgium €100,000
6th September Craon France €75,000
26th September Merano Italy €40,000
11th October Pardubice Czech Republic €178,000
11th November Compiègne France €48,000
11th December Cheltenham England €48,000
Total €825,000