Partnering the Crystal Cup says something rather special about your company and your passion for Jump racing. The Series is quite simply unique, crossing international boundaries like no other has achieved.

Our individual racecourses pursue their own commercial avenues for sponsors of some of Jump racing’s best known and most eclectic events. Many attract terrestrial television coverage, such as those in Britain and Czechia. French races are limited generally to the Equidia channel, British to Racing UK.

But if you have a mind to associate yourself with this distinctive series of races, then bespoke partnerships are our speciality. Whether this is by way of bringing guests to events, reaching a discerning raceday and television audience, or through brand awareness, our 11 events are yours to command.

Around the Series, the ongoing interest in our bonus scoring and end of Series presentations provide focus points around which to build news interest and engage audiences – private or public. Bringing guests into the holy of holies of the Cheltenham presentation podium, for example, for a presentation, can earn attention and credit where ordinary match tickets might not.

Building a unique hospitality programme across international borders affords you both a gastronomic experience and one with distinctive international flavours which contrast sharply one with another, and combine to include you in the European community of Jump racing enthusiasts.

Talk to us now about partnering the Crystal Cup. Contact Peter McNeile on +44  (0)7850 091523 or via mail