Merano is a beautiful Spa town in South Tyrol, Northern Italy surrounded by majestic mountains. The area offers spectacular scenery, pleasant walks and spa resorts. 

Merano is known as ‘the pearl of South Tyrol’ and really is a special place for a weekend of racing. The town’s streets are lined with Palm Trees overlooking the many restaurants, cafes and bars.

Two days of National Hunt action dominate the weekend with the highlight being The Gran Premio Merano which dates back to 1935 and is proud to be part of the prestigious Crystal Cup Series. This cross country race is held on the Sunday and is often frequented by horses from all over Europe. The Outback Way ran with great distinction in 1995 before winning the Mackeson (now Paddy Power) for Venetia Williams.

On the final day, Verona will be the destination with enough time to do a sightseeing tour, lunch and even an early dinner. This stunning city is famous for the setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and will cap off a fantastic weekend!

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