Concerning Sport: « Grand Cross de Pau-Reverdy » and the 129th Grande Course de Haies (hurdle race): the big leap!

On Sunday 7th of February, come and be thrilled at the occasion of the Crystal cup, the European Cross-country challenge. This championship, which is ran since 2010, has acquired a reputation that has reached beyond the boundaries of the Old Continent. The programme also includes, the “Max de Ginestet” prize, a big obstacle race, 129th Grande Course de Haies (hurdle race)

The “Grand Cross de Pau Reverdy”, first stage of the Crystal Cup Challenge is the most spectacular and the most popular of the winter meeting at Pau. Each year, no less than 6000 fascinated race goers rush into the Pont.Long`s grandstand to be present at this mystical race. As a family outing, amongst friends, one comes to bet or merely to attend “The” winter confrontation.

In the middle of the afternoon, the best cross-country horses of the moment arrive at the paddock to be presented to the public. The jockeys with maximum concentration take their turn to arrive. It’s an unchanging ritual. The tension is all at once tangible; subsequently the horses enter the track for the parade. The pack crosses the « Gué » by way of a test obstacle.

The die is cast. No more bets please… Here we go for a 6200m track scattered with 32 obstacles of which the « Banquette Irlandaise », unique in Europe, the « Passages de route », the « Volpoom », the « Nouvelle Banquette », the « parc à moutons »…

This great day programme includes also, the “Max de Ginestet” prize. The Grande Course de Haies of Pau(hudle race) that is running this year for the 129th time.