Congratulations to the winning connections of Vinga. Trained by Emmanual Clayeux, owned by Mme Jacques Cypres and ridden to victory by British jockey Felix Giles who will receive double points for the win in France.

The full results can be found below.

1st 15 Vinga F Giles / E Clayeux
2nd 7 Yoneti 5 L W Denuault / Gab Leenders
3rd 9 Toutancarmont 30 L J Reveley / Mme I Pacault
4th 5 Tapioca 14 L S Paillard / J Follain
5th 12 Amazing Comedy 1 L D Cottin / P Cottin
6th 1 Roi Garry 12 L J Duchene / P Quinton
7th 2 Garry Man 19 L C Herpin / P Chemin

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